Our Environmental Initiatives

At Hotel Tropika, we are committed in preserving our natural resources. We are aware of our responsibilities to the environment and recognize the urgent need for new solutions to ensure a sustainable future for the next generation. We are therefore inviting our guests to join us in our programs to help take care of our ecosystem.

  • Towel and linen re-use program – We encourage our guests to reuse towels and linen in order to conserve water and minimize the use of detergent which has ingredients that are harmful to the environment.

  • Minimized use of plastic water bottles - We substantially reduce waste by using glass pitchers that are refilled with mineral water from dispensers located at each hotel floor.

  • Shampoo dispensers – We provide shampoo in bulk dispensers instead of individual packets, thus cutting down on wasteful packaging.

  • Al fresco restaurant - The hotel restaurant has the option to go al fresco by opening its doors and joining the open-air terrace section, thus allowing for a bigger function area.

  • Bathroom toilet paper “use all” policy – The hotel provides two toilet paper dispensers in all guestroom toilets. In this manner, the hotel, while ensuring the availability of toilet paper at all times, allows a roll to run out and be replaced ahead of the other. Guests are encouraged to use up one roll at a time. Waste paper is eliminated.

  • Energy-saving air conditioners – The lobby and restaurant areas utilize power-efficient inverter air conditioning.​

  • Energy-saving light bulbs – The hotel only uses energy saving light bulbs (LEDs and CFLs).

  • Water conservation - We promote efficient water consumption with the use of controlled-flow shower heads in guest bathrooms and sensor-activated faucets in public restrooms. We water our gardens using rain collected in catchments.​

  • Newspaper program – Copies of national and local papers are provided for general usage at the lobby, or for purchase at a reduced price.